Happy Valentine’s Day from Sneaker Factory!

We have a special Valentine’s treat for you today. Our own Sherry Dineen, Basking Ridge employee and much better writer than me, has put together a wonderful little love story for us.

A running love story of course. Enjoy.



The instant he saw her, he was speechless.  His tongue fell out of his mouth and he was completely undone.  His mind told him it could never work.   Not a pair of regular “Joes”, they were from different sides of the track.   But his heart.  Oh, his heart spoke of another story.  One look at her shiny blue eyelets and he was a goner.


She was built for speed and knowing she would tread on his heart, he took the first step anyway.

“You are a prettier sight than any dessert Mirage I’ve ever seen.”

“Why, thank you. You’re quite a looker yourself. Right now I feel like I am walking on clouds.”

Both passionate by nature, their love could not be stopped.  The only remaining detail, “your box or mine?” answered in a tangle of tissue paper and laces, clearly was, “his.”

Their first date ended in spooning and talk of miles to come.

By the second date she knew it was over.  They clashed ate every turn.  His colors were all wrong.  Whenever she tried to go faster he was unsupportive and became a real heel when things didn’t go his way.  She didn’t want to walk out on him.

In her heart, she knew it couldn’t last.

Their love affair glowed bright, but brief.

Back on the track she realized it was really over when another low profiled hunk of rubber and laces from the other team sauntered by.  Suddenly she was under his spell.

They fit together like foot and sock.  It was love at first Trance.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Now get out there and run so you can truly enjoy all the chocolate you will be eating later!

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  1. finally, a story with sole. looks like their relationship had a lot of strings attached.

  2. AWESOME! I loved it…Although I was hoping she’d end up with another Saucony…maybe the Cortana… 😛

  3. This was such a cute story and well written but you are totally an excellent writer ;o) Awesome job with the blogs! I always look forward to reading them!

  4. This love story should run a long time. What a perfect pair!

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