A Little Vacation In Your Pocket.

It brings me great pleasure to announce to you all that this fine flavor is now on the shelves at your local Sneaker Factory. And yes…it is a little vacation in your pocket. Whenever you want to take a mini trip to a tropical island, whip this baby out and well, ( I’m not really sure how you describe eating a Gu) slurp it down? That works.

For those of you from the Monmouth County, NJ area let me tell you what the taste reminds me of… Do you remember this guy? If you do… you are awesome! And, hopefully, you will remember the rainbow flavor? If that’s a yes, then you know what this brand new ROCTANE from GU tastes like. It’s Rainbow Italian Ice that is going to boost your run to a new level!

The first time I tried this little slice of tropical heaven, I was out on a 10 Mile run. Before leaving I could feel that I was on the verge of a blood sugar collapse.  I was too stubborn to eat anything before hand, so I stuffed the roctane in my shorts pocket just in case. And it was a good thing I did. At about mile 4 the blood sugar dropped and that wonderful shaky dizzy feeling came on like a title wave. So I went straight to the GU. The flavor alone woke me out of my coma. The  pineapple, coconut and some other mysterious island like flavors, shot straight to my senses. It only took a few minutes and I was cruising along once again. A few more minutes go by and I could feel the caffeine kick in. Suddenly I was buzzing and my run had taken on a brand new life. Like they say, Red Bull gives  you wings… well Island Nectars gives you rockets.

Here’s the break down for those of you who need the stats:

I know many of you are training for a spring marathon or half marathon, so get in here and grab one of these little packets. I promise it will be worth the trip!! You can stick with your usual suspects of vanilla and chocolate for the majority of the time, but everyone needs a little vacation sometimes!

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  1. GU Roctane Island Nectars is seriously the best run/bike nutrition I’ve had! During an intense cycle trainer session last week I grabbed one to try out and wow! It seriously boosted me to another level.

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