Hot Chocolate Anyone?

Did you know that the average temperature in Long Branch, NJ during the month of February is at it’s best 42 degrees and at it’s worst 24 degrees? Now 42 degrees isn’t too bad, but how about 24 degrees? When you are out there, running on the boardwalk, and it is 24 degress, it usually feels more like 14 degrees.

Now more than likely you will warm up by the time you are a mile or two into your run, but when you are finished and covered in sweat… you are going to be cold! Your usual recovery drink isn’t going to cut it. No protein shakes, gatorade or bottle of water is going to help stave off the shivers. What are we recommending then? Hot Chocolate!

You would be surprised at the recovery benefits of Hot Chocolate. You don’t usually think of such a treat as an aid to your muscles. But this sweet treat is just that, a perfect recovery drink, it has a little bit of everything you need to refuel.

Go ahead, get excited.     

Now that everyone is truly pumped about our new winter option, I’ll give you the details. When you take a packet of hot chocolate mix and combine it with your favorite Milk or Soy Milk you get a instant delivery of protein, calcium, potassium and vitamin D which will replenish electrolytes and help build new muscle cells. It doesn’t end there, the sugar in Hot Chocolate will also top off glycogen levels. To ensure an extra boost of antioxidents make your recovery hot chocolate with pure powdered cocoa. According to a 2003 study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry hot cocoa boasts more antioxidants than red wine, tea and even cold chocolate milk, because heating cocoa releases more disease-fighting agents.

So lets put this all together. February on the Jersey Shore, we know, can be brutal for us runners who brave the outdoors. But we have new motivation to get us through our February work outs! This is why at Sneaker Factory we have decided to start the Hot Chocolate Winter Series. The first 3 Saturdays in February, at 10AM, we have come up with some motivation for everyone to get out and brave the cold! There is no better motivation than Racing and Hot Chocolate!

February 4th, February 11th, and February 18th: Join us at Sneaker Factory in Pier Village for 3.1 Miles on the Boardwalk followed by Bagels and Hot Chocolate at the store.

You already knew bagels were a great recovery food right? Thought so.

Check out for more info! Or call 732-222-7849.

Hopefully you wont have to dress like this:

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