It is unbelievable that it’s already December 28th and in just a few short days we will have to adjust to writing 2012 on everything.

How time does fly.

However rapidly it may be falling upon us, the New Year is a great time. For most of us it is a time to start over, to try new things, and to reinvent ourselves.

For must runners, it is also a time to reevaluate our goals and the things that ail us. We have to look at what problems are hindering us from getting where we want to be. There are too many injuries in the running world. At Sneaker Factory we see it everyday. Shin splints, ITB issues, bad knees, tight hips, stress fractures, you name it we have heard it or had it ourselves. We can blame the shoes on our feet, the road, the sidewalk, the boardwalk or even the trails.  But what if all it really came down to was the way we trained and our form?

Maybe we need a new approach?

Enter Rich Airey.

Rich Airey is a running and strength coach originally from Point Pleasant, NJ. As a CrossFit Endurance seminar instructor based in San Diego, CA, Rich travels the United States educating on running mechanics, strength and mobility as well as injury prevention and nutrition. As a private coach, his clients range from those seeking improved fitness to USA Olympic Trials Qualifiers. Rich was a Special Education teacher and has coached Shore area high school runners for 10 years, 24 of them earning All-American status under his guidance. While racing for Monmouth University, Rich was the Northeast Conference steeplechase champion and held the 10,000m school record. He continues to race extensively, competing in 5ks, marathons, ultras and 24 hour races.

The focus here is on the three terms you read above, running mechanics, strength and mobility. This is what Rich preaches. Correct form, less mileage and correct strength training could lead to you being a healthier runner. If you have been injured in the past year, Rich wants to help fix it. His seminars include a lot of running mechanics mixed in with CrossFit Endurance. What is CrossFit? The definition on wikipedia says it best: What is CrossFit Endurance then? “CrossFit Endurance gives a unique opportunity for endurance athletes to learn another significant way to effectively train for any event they wish to compete in. It also provides a unique opportunity for them to have a life outside of training. Something most endurance programs will not allow for with the sheer volume demand of these programs.” Quote borrowed from

Could this lead to a new you? A better more efficient runner? You will have to check it out for yourself. You can learn a lot more from Rich’s own blog His daily entries provides great entertainment as well as solid running and CrossFit education.

And as a bonus you can see Rich himself at Sneaker Factory Long Branch on January 10th at 7PM for his Fundamentals of Running seminar. Rich will be focusing on the three key things mentioned already, running mechanics, strength and mobility, plus how to set up goal paces and training for your upcoming races. I’m sure we will also all be able to pick his brain about anything from training, racing, and nutrition to his life traveling from California to New Jersey and back again.

Come prepared to learn a lot, have fun, and maybe have a different outlook on your training when it is all said and done.

We all need to open our stubborn running minds to something new for 2012.

Hope to see you there!

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  1. I have so many questions on crossfit training and if already a fairly muscular guy, how can it help lean one up…

    • Brendan de los Zapatos

      Rich has been involved with Cross Fit and more specifically Cross Fit Endurance for sometime now. He works with CFE pioneer Bryan McKenzie and is a certified coach. He can definitely help with any questions you might have, Lou.
      -Brendan, Sneaker Factory Employee

  2. I have had so many stupid running injuries, I am really looking forward to this clinic!!

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