‘Tis The Season To Dream About Your Next Tri…

Guess what? It’s December, next Saturday is Christmas and once the New Year hits it will only be a matter of time before the Spring Triathlon season is upon us! Here at Sneaker Factory we feel it is always important to be ahead of the game. A few of us already have our race plans nailed down, as I’m sure many of you do. So we thought we would share our anticipation for the season combined with a little holiday spirit and mark all the Tri apparel in our stores 50% off until 2012 is upon us.

 Get your gear early, so you are more than ready to go for your first sprint, olympic, Half Ironman or Full Ironman of the year. It is always best to have your race day outfit broken in before the big event. You don’t want any surprises on the day you have worked tirelessly to get to. We have ZOOT, Pearl Izumi, Saucony and Sugoi tops and shorts, something for everyone.

The benefits of Tri apparel are limitless, but the biggest bonus of having them is you can swim, bike and run in the same outfit. This saves you precious time in transition. They fit snug to your body so there is no drag in the water, or on the bike, and dry quickly so that you are comfortable on the run.

Our very own Vinnie Petracco demonstrates how well his Zoot Tri top and shorts worked for him this past summer at the Long Branch Tri Series #3.

Too warm for a wetsuit? No problem. The snug-fitting fabric contours to the muscles which leads to no drag for a faster swim.

On the bike the shorts provide you with a light cushion for a comfortable ride. However the padding is minimal enough that you can run in them without feeling like you are wearing a diaper.

Finally the sprint to the finish! Hope that little slide show helped you daydream your way through the work day and into your next photo finish!

Don’t forget to stop by and see us this Holiday season, whether just to shoot the breeze or check out what we have in stock for Tri Gear, 50% off from now until the New Year!! See you soon!

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  1. I came into your BR store yesterday wanting to purchase a box of Honey Stinger Wafers. I stood in front of the desk waiting for 5 minutes to be acknowledged by the 2 clerks working on the PC. One finally looked up and asked if he could help me. I told him I wanted a whole box of the wafers, was that possible? He said sure and then proceeded to ignore me for another 10 minutes. Meanwhile, the other clerk left the desk and walked to the back of the store where I saw him checking his phone (presumably for important text messages) and then proceeded to pick up shoes and boxes to return them to the back. Finally the front clerk asked the rear clerk if he could help “the gentleman”. At that same time, another man entered the store so the rear clerk proceeded to help him instead. After 15 minutes, I walked out without another word being said to me.

    Surely you realize that I can get anything your store carriers via multiple on-line retailers. You must also realize that with free shipping and free returns, I can order a variety of sizes / colors and only keep what I like. So, the ONLY reason to come to your store is for that intimate level of customer service. Well, that is COMPLETELY lacking at your BR store and I will NEVER shop there again.

  2. I’ll be an ice cube by the finish. I guess that is some good training, though!

  3. Open water swim in Feb., sans wetsuit! Forget day-dreaming about your next tri, we can make it happen in January… first-annual Sneaker Factory Polar Bear Tri! I’ll watch.

  4. Woww!!! I’m famous! What can I say, that Zoot stuff is awesome for all three sports. It makes me want to get out there and do an open water swim! Only 5 months left before that is going to happen!

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