Newton Natural Running Returns to Sneaker Factory!

Hello there Sneaker Factorians! de los Zapatos here with a quick update about another great event for Sneaker Factory customers! This coming Tuesday, December, 13th at 6 PM the Long Branch store will be hosting a Newton Natural Running clinic! A Newton Natural Running Educator will be on hand from Newton Running to help teach customers and group runner how to run stronger, more efficiently, and more injury free! The best part of the entire thing, is that not only will the Natural Running Educator be on hand along with some of our Natural Running certified coach staff members, but you will have the opportunity to try on these fantastic shoes!

Newton Running Co. is a fantastic brand specializing in some of the most researched shoes on the running market! They are so great, three time World Ironman Champion Craig Alexander trains and races exclusively in their shoes. I am in the process of reading Newton Running Co. co-founder Danny Abshire’s book, Natural Running, and between reading his words, and having spoken with him I have been able to put much of his advice into practice and have started to see fantastic results! It is truly amazing how someone as out of shape as myself can run an almost respectable time in say an alumni mile indoor track race, just by running properly and efficiently! Listening to Danny Abshire, and reading about his running form tips I have felt so much better when I am able to get out and train and doing so without my nagging shin problems! So if you have something that has been bugging you, or are looking to help make your running go a little smoother, come over to the Long Branch store on Tuesday at 6PM and come ready to learn and join us for a run!

Newton Running Co. Athlete Craig Alexander

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