Rain rain go away!

Hey there Sneaker Factorians! As many of you in the Garden State may have noticed, although it does not seem like it so far, it is winter, and the time of difficult training weather is upon us! SO what do we do when we can’t, or as it may sometimes be, don’t feel like getting outside and training.

If you don’t mind layering up and getting out there, check out Sneaker Factory’s supply of Mizuno Breath Thermo or Nike winter running clothes, grab some Saucony gloves and any number of our different hats and get out there!

Winter Men's Clothing

Don’t get home until after dark? I understand the problem- I get caught at school until later sometimes and can’t get home before the sun goes away. Luckily, we have exactly what the running doctors prescribe! Check these out! The awesome night running lines are designed with greater visibility, and reflective pieces to help you run safe after the sun sets.

Women's Night Running Clothes

Not a big fan of the cold. Okay, I gotcha. I can understand that. Tired of the treadmill? Yeah, me too, and I haven’t been on one in over a year! Ever think about a bike trainer? Because we here at Sneaker Factory have been! Check it out!

SF Bike Trainer Group

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  1. I totally agree. Couple that with some gloves and a saucony beanie and you’re warm for the long run.

  2. I agree JJake. Breath Thermo is a fantastic fabric that really helps keep people nice and warm on those super cold days!

  3. Nothing as light as Breath Thermo is as warm… my favorite winter running apparel! Nice call De Los Zapatos!

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