‘Tis The Season

Greetings Factorians! It is now officially December which means we are nearing that giving time of year. No matter what you celebrate (if you are a celebratory person), the great part of this time of year is that we take a step back from the hustle and bustle of our crazy lives and think of others. I love it! There really is something special about finding something for those special people in your life and seeing the look of joy and surprise on his or her face when they unwrap that special something. I know there are a few things hidden not far from me that someone very near and dear to me is going to be very excited to see! Can’t wait!

All of this begs the question, what does someone get that special runner in their life? A good question! It can be difficult sometimes to figure out what to get someone. A few things are always big hits with runners.

-Is it possible to have enough running socks? Well, honestly, I am close to the “too much threshold” but I assure you, it’s not possible. As previously discussed a couple months ago, running socks can greatly improve the comfort of your run, especially when you start sweating pretty good!

-Another great little gift for most runners is a nice running hat. I  love my Nike running hats, and I also have worn ones from Saucony, Mizuno, and Brooks. The nice part about a ball cap style hat is that you can wear it all year. I am a guy who doesn’t get hot too easily, so I love to wear my hat year-round.

-It is awfully cold out, and you have to keep your hands warm- how about a nice pair of gloves? At Sneaker Factory, we have all sorts of great gloves to help keep your hands warm from all the best companies!

-If you recall one of the last pictures I uploaded, you will recall how important shoes are to a runner (and how we can’t get enough of them!)! At Sneaker Factory, we can keep track of what someone buys- size and style- so if you don’t know what the special someone likes or what size they wear, we can check our computer system and help you find something they will love!

-Gift Certificates. Maybe you don’t know what size they are, what color they like, or just want to make sure that he or she gets exactly what they want, we can always help you out with a Sneaker Factory gift certificate which can be redeemed at any one of our three great locations!

So there you have it, Factorians! Just a  few of the great gift ideas to help you figure out what the special runner in your life might like for that special occassion!

-de los Zapatos



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