Injury Help

Hey there Factorians! Senor de los Zapatos here live from my couch. I am afraid, even the best of us can find ourselves on Injury Lane, which is exactly where I have found myself the last couple days. Unfortunately, a couple years worth of heel trouble had come to a head with me, great! We all find ourselves, unfortunately, in a similar situation at some point. Training goes well, working out like the old days, and all of a sudden you hop in a run and BAM! Your leg ties up and you are forced to slow down. And that is where I find myself today.

One of the many questions inside many runners minds is “What do I do when I get hurt?” For me, I have what feels like a heel spur (but this goes for shin splints, achilles problems, and all sorts of different injuries) and I currently have my foot shoved in a bucket of ice. The beautiful thing about a giant bucket of ice is how well it takes down swelling and numbing the affected area. Back in my college days, we used to have a whirlpool we could get down to about 45 degrees and soak our incredibly sore legs after a tough workout (like the one I forced myself through today). Well, I don’t have a whirlpool at my condo, and I doubt too many of you do. So what’s a runner to do?

EASY! Grab a bucket (like the one I have from a large wholesale store I will leave unnamed), go to your ice maker and put 30-35 ice cubes in (as long as you are resilient to the cold as I am) and fill it in with water. Then, plunge your leg into the incredible cold. I suggest, for those of you who don’t do too well with the cold, wrap yourself in a blanket or throw a hat on. I love it! Sure, it may sting for a minute or two because of just how cold that water can be, but if you make it past that if will be fantastic! The lowering of the temperature around the afflicted area helps reduce any swelling and really helps aide in your bodies recovery! Check it out:

Freezing my leg off feels so good!

Sometimes recovery can hurt, but in the long run it is great for you!

-de los Zapatos

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  1. What sort of workout were you doing that caused this heel spur to haunt you again? Did you amp up your training a little faster or harder than you should have? What can we do to avoid these sort of issues?

    • Vincenzo- I have had heel trouble for years, mostly oversensitivity to the touch. If I lightly grazed it against the couch for instance, I would be in a terrible amount of pain. I was doing a light Turkey Trot and less than a mile into it I started to feel pretty bad pain. I had been doing some really strong workouts, and now things are tough.
      If it is in fact a heel spur, it would imply one of a few things- 1- the spur could be because both of my parents have them and I just drew the short straw genetically, or 2- I spent too many years running or wlaking incorrectly, and in order to compensate for leaning on my heels too much, but body decided to help me out by growing an extra bone! Let’s hope it is actually just an Achilles irritation at the anchor of the tendon!

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