Time for a new Thanksgiving Day tradition!

Hey there Factorians! Brendan de los Zapatos here and I wanted to let you all know about a new tradition that manager extraordinaire Kelly down in Long Branch is starting up. This Thursday, the day we know better as Thanksgiving, instead of going out for Black Friday Midnight Madness at the malls and other crazy places, why not come on down to Sneaker Factory Pier Village for the first ever Sneaker Factory Turkey Day/Black Friday Midnight Fun Run! We will be having a special group run to help burn off some of those 5,000 calories we take in during the Thanksgiving Day feasts! While everyone is busy fighting over the last doll at the toy store, or saving a couple dollars on this years Christmas sweater, how about we all get together and give thanks by running around Long Branch as a group?! The run will be nice and easy, down to Earth, and full of fun! And who knows, maybe there will be some store incentives for you if you are looking to pick up any gifts for that special someone, or why not- for yourself! You deserve it!

So come on out and join Kelly and the group runners for a great time and a great run!

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  1. I think it is an incredible idea!!

  2. Sneaker Factory Long Branch Great Black Friday Deals include: 50% off of all summer gear! 25% off all of our new winter apparel! and Black Friday Midnight Fun Runners will enjoy a special deal on all footwear so stop by to find out!

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