What To Wear and When.

Jambo Factorians!

One of the questions we get a lot this time of the year is regarding how to prepare to run on different days depending on the weather. It is a difficult science to master, and for some, it can be an art as well. It is important to know how warm or cold blooded or a person you are. Personally, I was born on a wicked cold Wednesday in New England almost 26 years ago (hard to believe Not-So-Mean-Dean Shonts is only a year older than me…), so I fancy myself pretty acclimated to handling the cold weather. In fact, when I was de los Zapatos, the mediocre high school runner in Connecticut, I did not even own a pair of winter running pants save for the crummy warm up pants the school supplied us all with- which, by the way, we were not allowed to wear unless it was a competition day. Moral of the history story here is that I know when it comes to dressing for the weather, my legs don’t mind a little cold, and I can take some lower temperatures better than most people.

This past weekend, I finally took my own advice and got outside for some good old fashioned running and enjoyed an absolutely gorgeous couple of runs from the Man Cave in Aberdeen. I took the following picture before I went out for my Saturday morning MetCon workout to demonstrate what someone like myself might wear on a 50-60 degree fall day, with light to brisk wind conditions, and partial- to mostly-sunny.

Brendan de los Zapatos preparing to run on a 50 degree, sunny day

You will notice I had a light, breathable technical long sleeve tee shirt on top. I like the long sleeves, because if I get warm, I can always roll them up a little bit. Using the technical fabric, in this case from Saucony, allows the shirt to wick the sweat off of my skin and help keep me at a better core temperature. Those cotton long sleeves you get at every local 5k are nice (I especially love my “Shad Derby 5k” shirt with the big ugly fish on it…), but cotton tee’s, like cotton towels, absorb and HOLD moisture against your skin which can form blisters or hot spots, or even chaffing along the outter layers of your skin. Technical sport fabrics wick moisture away with a fabric that the moisture will more readily evaporate off of, keeping your body cooler.

Many men are now preferring to go against the old school trend of traditional “short shorts” for running, and use something like the Saucony Run Lux II short I have on in this picture. The Run Lux, and its competitors from all of the other companies, run a 7-9″ inseam, as opposed to the traditional 2-5″ in short shorts. I love this pair of shorts if I am going to be in the gym, or having to make a stop on the way home from practice or a workout because they are almost the same length of a pair of shorts I would wear around recreationally. I also have been on a hat kick lately, and constantly run in my Nike running hats. On this day, I chose my summer hat to keep the sun out of my eyes, as well as the wind when it decided to kick up. The true advantage to the hat for me, is feeling like a monster when running- for some reason that hat makes me want to run fast, and judging by my skyrocketing heart rate during that run, and my splits going down and down, I would say it worked!

More to come on what to where and when as the weather shifts!

-de los Zapatos.

P.S.- The following picture was me AFTER that workout:

An actual photo of de los Zapatos after his Saturday workout. Picture compliments of google.images

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  1. Meaning that you should have a pair of shoes available to match the top you’re wearing…

    • You have seen my shoe closet, Vin-Cenzo. Don’t underestimate me by thinking I couldn’t match- my blue shoes are not minimal enough for workout day is the issue. Brighter the color shoe, the more minimal for me. There’s a science to it. That, and I chose not to match to maintain a certain aura about me.

      • You’re right…I have seen your shoe closet…I only wish I had a closet that large so I wouldn’t trip over my shoes every morning when I get out of bed. Thanks for the tips!! I must admit, I love a good hat as well…usually a beanie or a visor, though. This time of year I would be totally comfortable in a t-shirt and shorts as long as I have a beanie on.

  2. I’m a little confused about the picture you posted…you mean to tell me that you don’t match when you go out to run?? I mean seriously, GREEN shoes and a blue top? Isn’t the purpose of buying a cool pair of running shoes for the color??

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