Sneaker Factory Sale!

Hello there Sneaker Factorians! How we doin’? If you didn’t already sign up for it already, I would recommend getting your email on our email subscription list on to get the latest updates on all of our latest and greatest updates on what’s happening at the shop! If you didn’t catch the latest email, here is a brief run-down on what went on this last week, and what is coming up!

-Although he wasn’t able to come down to Long Branch due to weather related travel issues, we have began our Natural Running form clinics this past week thanks to so much of our staff are certified Natural Running Coaches! We have at least two certified coaches at each store, and we are looking forward to certifying even more to better help our customers! We are planning on having these great clinics at all of our stores, coming to you SOON!

-Out in Basking Ridge, Manager Maximus and the staff there hosted Erin Burch to help discuss alignment issues within the running community.

-Coming on December 3rd at the Millburn store, Dr. Jessica Merker-Levy and Dr. Vincenza Mineo, two of the leading podiatrists in the metropolitan area will be coming to do digital gait analysis for customers! Using some of the latest and most impressive medical technology, these doctors will help analyze your gait and give you some food for thought about how you are striking the ground while you are running! This can be an invaluable experience and we hope that we will see a lot of you in Millburn between 12 and 3!

-Sneaker Factory Fall Sale! This great event has all of our remaining summer styles on sale! Shorts, short sleeve and sleeveless shirts, tri apparel, and running skorts from our summer collections all on sale for 30% off! The sale will continue as long as supplies last- styles are going quick so hurry in to all three of our locations and see what we have in store for you!

Hope to see you at all of our great events coming up!-Brendan de los Zapatos!


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