Everybody’s Workin’ For The Weekend

Hey there Factorians! The 5 o’clock bell is about to rung, and you know what that means- the weekend is here! I know I am totally excited for the weekend to have arrived. But what is the weekend for us runners? The weekend is when the real work begins for us!

Head out to virtually any park in New Jersey on a Saturday or Sunday morning and you will see massive numbers of runners logging miles for hours and hours. My personal favorite venues here in Monmouth County include Holmdel Park, Thompson Park, Hartshorne Woods, and the Sunday morning running mecca that is the Manasquan Reservoir. At any and all of these parks are where the real work for us runners takes place.

If you are looking into a marathon, or a half marathon (like the May 6th, 2012 NJ Marathon and Long Branch Half), it’s time to start planning your weekend long run and getting used to putting in the work on the day you will be racing. If you work a traditional work week, it is next to impossible to be training starting at 7:30 or 9AM when most of your marathons start, so the weekend is our only chance to get out there and RUN. So do what we here at Sneaker Factory absolutely love to do (SO much so, that we talk about it every single day at work) and get out there and get FIT!

-Brendan de los Zapatos

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