Winter Is Almost Here!

Hello there Factory Fans! Winter is on its’ merry way here in the Garden State, and if this year is going to be anything like last year, you are going to want to make sure that you are prepared for the rough season with some great winter gear. Now, we have already mentioned the importance of having a good running jacket to protect your torso and keep the center of your nervous system warm so you can keep logging those miles. But what about your extremities?
I had a high school science teacher, and occasional running partner who once told me that half of a persons lost body heat is lost through your head/ears! That is a lot of heat loss through one spot! To remedy this, I personally like to use the Saucony DryLete Skull Cap from Sneaker Factory to keep your head nice and warm, and lock in more of that heat instead of losing it all and jeopardizing your health. Keeping a warm head will reduce your bodies succeptability to the germs which thrive in the cold weather- you know, the ones that cause the common cold. Saucony has a great line of hats for someone like me, who tend to get pretty hot wearing winter hats. For some, like myself, on days when it is in between super cold, and not too bad, is a simple running hat. For me, it’s the Nike running hat. What is great about Nike’s hat is they release a new color every season so you can match it nicely with any of your new seasonal colors. In my running closet (seriously, I have a closet FULL of running gear for all seasons!) I have this hat in white, blue, and one in black. I find that they allow just the right amount of heat off my head to keep me at the right temperature, as well as make me look awfully fashionable. Now if only I could be fashionable when I am not running…

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