Newton Natural Running Form Clinic

3x World Ironman Champion Craig Alexander

Hey There Sneaker Factory fans! What’s happening? Would you like to run like this guy up here, Craig Alexander? He has three world Ironman championships under his Fuel Belt, and runs one of the fastest marathons for Ironman competition ever recorded. Basically, he is awesome. The Staff here at Sneaker Factory would like you to know about some great events we are going to be starting to host that will help you be awesome like Craig! Continuing off of the Natural Running seminar we hosted a couple weeks ago, some of our now Natural Running Form Certified Coaches will be offering Natural Running Clinics at our stores! On November 16th, which is this Wednesday, starting at 6PM, Chief Kelly from Sneaker Factory Long Branch, and a Newton Educator from Newton Running Co. will be on hand to let you try on Newton shoes and see what they are all about! Along with that, Kelly and our Newton Educator will be there to demonstrate Danny Abshire’s natural running form. These form clinics will be a recurring thing for Sneak Factory stores- as a new level of service to you, the customer- we are looking forward to offering our customers a whole new level of running help unique to our stores. With the help of natural running form,  you can avoid that nagging injury, help reduce a chronic pain, not to mention just getting faster and more efficient!

Danny Abshire Visits Sneaker Factory


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  1. This is awesome!! Newtons are great shoes and the best way to tell whether or not you like them is to go for an actual run in a pair! This will be a great event….I will be there and I hope Brendan De Los Zapatos will be there, too!

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