Sneaker Factory- A history of excellence!

Hi there Factorians! Recently I was reminded of what Sneaker Factory really is. Our founder, Dean Shonts, literally started the industry of running shoes here in New Jersey. At the time, there was no place like Sneaker Factory anywhere here in the Garden State. Dean, as an avid runner and proponent of the sport, saw a need to help the runners of New Jersey understand the importance of shoes, training, and being a part of a community.

Back in ’78, Dean began what would become the tradition of our store. Dean believed, as we still do, that the people who come through the Sneaker Factory doors deserve only the best service and help possible, not just in shoe selection, but in all things running. Our staff members average around five years of experience, including Dean who has been working for the store since he opened it in 1978. But not only have we been working with shoes for an average of about five years, most every single one of us has been running much longer than that. We love running, and we love talking with runners even more.

“Senor Zapatos,” you say, “what are you getting at?” Well, a good question. What I mean to demonstrate is that we at Sneaker Factory are not only here to help find you shoes, apparel, socks, or accessories. We are here to help with any and all of your questions about shoes, apparel, socks, accessories, AND all things running! If you have a question about training and live near Basking Ridge, Joe, our manager up there, has recently been certified as a Natural Running Coach (like Mike, our owner, Kelly, our Long Branch Manager, and a number of our other employees) and can help you improve your running form. Also, as former collegiate runners, Joe, Ben “C’mon Seabiscuit” Massam, Jeff Perrella, Old Brendan McGoldrick, New Brendan Ward, and Padraig Jacobs (and many more) all have great competitive running experiences that can help teach you about training tips, and racing ideas. And if you find yourself in Long Branch and have a question on literally anything, including certain aspects of quantum physics, and liger chasing, the master, Not-So-Mean-Dean Shonts is in three days a week and is quite literally a master at al things running related.

Sneaker Factory, we like to think, is more than just a running store- we are a community store. We like to think of ourselves as a place of comfort where people, like yourself, can come in and feel free asking questions about our sport, and what we do. So feel free, anytime you are nearby, stop by and check in with any of our many talented, experienced, and welcoming staff members!

-de los Zapatos, out.

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  1. And how can we forget, or I forget, our very own WORLD XC Champion… Roger Price! 18x US Age Group Champion, and counting!

  2. We have Ironman athletes, marathoners, XC specialists, 4:00 milers, and Olympic Trials hopefuls, even a couple ultra-runners! We have all the aerobic bases covered at the Sneaker Factory locations, or should I say running super-center!

    If you count our club runners we probably have a dozen or more runners partaking in the greatest 26.2 mile footrace in the world this weekend… which also happens to be held in the greatest city in the world, The Big Apple!

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