Live From Basking Ridge, It’s SNEAKER FACTORY!

Hello there Factorians! Recently, I have come across some video footage of Mr. Danny Abshire’s visit to Sneaker Factory Basking Ridge. I, Brendan de los Zapatos, was fortunate enough to be in the audience, and had the opportunity to pick the brain of a master of shoes, feet, and running in general. Danny and I had a great conversation about foot flexation, foot strike angles, explosive vs. elastic muscle movements, and a bunch of other great foot/running topics. Check out the following video we have up on our channel and get a taste of what we experienced when Danny came to town!

We hope that those who were able to come out for this great event learned a lot, and had a great time talking running, and that those of you who were not able to make it up there can enjoy to footage we were able to put up here. There will be more great stuff to come on this event, and all of the events in the future!

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  1. Geoff Clark - Sneaker Factory GM

    Danny’s presentation was just the beginning. Now that several staff members are certified Natural Running coaches, we’ll be hosting regular form clinics. It’s a really cool process, and learning to run with a natural stride is easier than you might think.

    If you haven’t already, enter your e-mail on the Sneaker Factory website to receive our 2x weekly e-mails about events, races, specials, and more.

    • A great point Geoff. I know I cannot wait until the stores start to host the free clinics now that so many are certified. We will make sure that all of that information will get put here as soon as the details are squared away.
      And any of our readers who have not, like Geoff said, signed up on our email list through, sign up and find out about all the great things we are doing in the running communities here in New Jersey!

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