What’s Happening at the Factory?

Howdy Sneaker Factorians! de los Zapatos here again checking the beat of Sneaker Factory! As many of you here in Jersey, especially up North Jersey, noticed- Fall seems to have left us, and Winter hit the Garden State with vengeance! I was amazed as I stood outside Saturday at the NorthEast Conference Championships at Holmdel Park at the amount of rain, snow, frozen rain, and wind that pummeled runners and spectators alike!

Well, we here at Sneaker Factory are prepared for crazy times like these! We have already begun to get the latest and greatest apparel styles from all your favorite companies- Nike, Brooks, Asics, and Saucony. All of our companies make some really fantastic layering options for these odd inter-season days. Is it winter, is it fall? One day is nice (today is pretty picturesque), but tomorrow… who knows?! One of my favorite articles of clothing to have is a simple, light-weight technical jacket. Brooks has a fantastic shell jacket, the Essential Run Jacket, that just hit the stores recently that will help protect you from the elements, keep you warm, and make you look faaaaast! You can check out all three of our great locations for more great tips from the most experienced staff in New Jersey!

Sneaker Factory employees are great at helping customers learn how to dress for different temperatures, types of precipitation (I for one just went to” dressing for the weather school” Saturday as I stood in the mess that was Saturday), and everything Mother Nature throws at us. Why do we know so much? Because we have been running through the mess for years! And what’s even crazier- we love it! So come on out and pick our brains about how we can help you get outside, and keep you enjoying our sport year round!

-Brendan de los Zapatos saying get outside and RUN.

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