Thanks to YOU

Sneaker Factory would like to thank everyone who came out to Basking Ridge this weekend to listen, talk to, and watch the amazing Danny Abshire from Newton Running Company! We had a fantastic audience that came out, and we hope that each and everyone of you who were able to come out an be a part of this fantastic event learned a lot about runninf, form, and being natural! Danny is a great speaker, incredibly knowledgeable about out sport, and an all around great person! More coverage about this great event to come soon!

-Brendan de los Zapatos.

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  1. Everything he said made perfect sense, and after reading his Natural Running book and performing the drills with him advising I am more amped than ever to fit our fine Factorians and help them to run healthier, longer, and faster!

    My wife is also quite excited to take her new-found perfect running form and transform her Kinnelon Colts XC Team into efficient running machines.

    • Great to hear Joe Jake! I too got quite pumped up listening to someone who is so in to running efficiency as Danny is- fires me up because I love to know how I can run better, and help the Factorians run healthier, longer, and faster! The Sneaker Factory way!

  2. I agree with Brendan of the Shoes…The Natural Running clinic was incredibly informative and something I’m glad I didn’t miss! Since this weekend I have been consciously aware of my stride and form at all times, something that I think is going to improve my overall running.

    • Great to hear that you are taking Abshire’s advice! He is definitely one of the most knowledgeable speakers and runners I have ever come across in my travels. His ideas on form are amazing, and can work to improve your times, and your injury prevention!

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