Halloween Town, NJ

Buenos Dias! Do you ever get tired of the same old racing routine? Road race after road race with nothing to really change it up, save for the occasional different venue? A lot of people tend to stick to the exact same routine year after year of doing the same races, on the same course, on the same weekend, in the same clothes (sometimes…). Have you ever thought about trying something new, and perhaps a little different and FUN?

If you are into fun runs, or just running with a group of people and having a darn good time doing it, an event recently rolled through Long Branch the way fog from a smoke machine rolls through the best Halloween parties, called the Trick-Or-Trot. The Trick-Or-Trot is an annual Halloween themed run that a local running club has been putting on for a few years now on the boardwalk in Strong Branch. It is a fun weekend event of running and costumes. In true Halloween style, the club hosts a costume contest, awarding the best costumed runners with prizes for being awesome. Sneaker Factory is proud to say that one of our Strong Branch employees, Moira Horan, and her army of StayStrong Triathlon girls got together for these great photo ops at the Trick-Or-Trot:

Moira's Army of Tri Gals!

There you have it! Check out how much fun getting in on a different and fun event to switch up the training routine. Switch it up and have FUN! More great stuff to come later!

-Senor del los Zapatos

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  1. VinnieInTheMiddle

    I think fun runs are delightful. As a matter of fact…the Jersey Shore had another recent fun run to offer…this past weekend (Oct 29th) was the Monster Dask 5k in Pt Pleasant Beach. The weather conditions were less than desirable…35mph winds…38 degrees and sleeting…But, myself, along with my wonderful wife and about 100 other crazy people decided to run the most insane race we have/will ever run. I was there to represent Sneaker Factory and also one of the greatest charities around, Soldiers Race Team. You know what Zapatos? You always run better when there’s fun involved!!

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