The Goddess of Victory

Brendan de los Zapatos

Your new Sneaker Factory Blogger, Brendan d.l. Zapatos

Hello Factorians! I would like to introduce myself as the new Sneaker Factory blogger. My name is Brendan de los Zapatos. The former blogger, that weird doctor guy who was in love with shoes, is taking a break from his craziness, and asked me to take over for him, naturally I obliged. Anything for the good doctor after all!

So here we are, another day, another day to learn! Today, I would like to talk about a company we have not mentioned yet, Nike. While Nike is a somewhat controversial company, being as big as it is and having been called out by a number of modern day authors, they have some fantastic products out for us runners. While some preach the “Nike is bad” mentality, we here at New Jersey’s Most Experienced Running Store, Sneaker Factory, believe they have some very good options for people these days.

Personally, I have been wearing Nike since I was in college. In my last two years at Monmouth University, we were sponsored by Nike. During those two years, I ran through more than my fair share of Pegasus and Vomero’s. At the time, I was recovering from a ligament tear in my foot, and found myself in a pair of orthotics that wound up fitting very nicely in my Nike shoes. Before I continue, I would like to note that not everyone who has orthotics will have the same experience as I did when I used mine in the Pegasus- everyone has a different foot, and orthotics can be so different from one another that each person has to try a few on in order to know. For me, Nike’s have worked out quite nicely.

Nike is one of the largest shoe/apparel companies in the world, and certainly even more so within the running community. From its humble beginnings in Oregon, Nike started out as a running company, and has since transformed into an international sports powerhouse making equipment, apparel, accessories, and footwear for just about every sport out there (last time I looked, I could not find any Jai-alai helmets from Nike, but that was about it). Named after Nike, the goddess of victory who lived on Olympus, Nike was made for victory and as Chuck Sheen would say, “winning.” While surfing this internet here, I managed to find a pretty cool “Evolution of Nike” video, introducing one of their latest creations, the LunarGlide+3. The “Lunar” line is a relatively recent movement from Nike to make higher performing shoes that weigh less, offer higher response, but still offer great cushioning and support. The Glide, which recently released its third generation of shoes, quickly became one of the companies hottest selling shoes. Not only has Nike made this shoe with a great ride- nice lightweight cushioning, some dynamic support built into the medial side, with some good response out of the forefoot- but they have also paired it with some fantastic aesthetics! Nike has always been able to find some great color schemes, and patterns, and the latest styles we have at Sneaker Factory are no exception. Check out the video:

There you have it! A pretty cool way to see the history of Nike in less than a minute! If you have been shying away from Nike for a while, do yourself a favor and check out their new and improved line of shoes at one of our stores! They have really gotten back to their roots and are churning out great shoe after great shoe! More to come on Nike another day!

-de los Zapatos

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  1. I too love me some Nikes, but they seam to have an exploded ego when it comes to their products.
    My close friend runs a shoe store in Baltimore and he is always complaining that Nike is very strict about their advertising guidelines, almost to the point of insanity.
    But they make a heck of a sneaker.

    • They certainly do have great product! I think that if there is an ego issue with the company, a large part of it comes from consistently being one of the highest grossing, if not THE highest, companies in all of sports. In terms of advertising, Nike has a lot of time, energy, effort, and money invested in expressing the companies vision, and they probably do what they can to protect that vision. What is your favorite Nike shoe to train with?

  2. Zapatos, I too did my lackluster collegiate training in the Nike Pegasus and can attest to its cushioned/flexible ride! To take it to a much faster level, our very own 13:59 5k guy, Pat Schellberg does his very quick training runs in the super cushioned Nike Vomero.

    When it’s time to spike up, can anyone top the Nike Victory or Victory XC? The lightest and FASTEST spikes on the market!

    BTW, Zapatos, when are we going to spike up for some quarter repeats???

    • Joe Jake- if my research is correct, which often times it is, you were anything but lackluster. In fact, on the scale of luster, you were anything but lack. However, if there is one thing the de los Zapatos family has always held in high regard, it is modesty. So for your modesty, I say muchas gracias mi amigo.

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