Stabilizing The Midline, Form Part Tres

Hello, Factorians! In continuation of our recent form discussions, we have another great couple of tips for you! So far, we have mentioned the importance of mid foot strike, landing properly, driving your legs, and moving your body and arms in a forward motion. Now let’s talk more about moving forward.

Going back to another lesson from genius Richard, let’s discuss the bodies mid-line. If you can imagine a plum line drawn straight down the middle of your body from head to toe. A little like this:

What The Mid-Line Looks Like

The idea is to NOT cross this mid-line. Note in the picture how Dr. Love is moving his arm in that same “Cheek-to-Cheek” motion from yesterday’s video. Many people tend to cross their arms in front of their bodies, so that their hands wind up in front of their chests or faces. This takes away from the forward motion of the body. By incorporating yesterdays “fast arms” drill into your training and eliminating the cross-body arm swing, you will automatically keep your body moving forward and faster with greater ease! Practically without even trying you can take a couple seconds off of your mile averages! Give it a try!

This is Dr. Love saying, love your arms, respect your mid-line!

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