The Peanut Gallery

Hey there! So one of the greater pleasures in working for Sneaker Factory, New Jersey’s most experienced running shop, is getting to chat with people who also love running. So let’s get some chatter up here on the comments section! Let’s talk about running, ask some questions, get some answers and be AWESOME! What should we talk about, and what do you want to know more about?

-Dr. Love

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  1. would you rather…

  2. If you, Dr Love, were going to be left on a deserted island with only three shoe models, two types of gu, one sock model, and a pair of shorts what would they be… and why?

    • Mr. Hanks- A truly fantastic question, and I am thrilled that someone such as yourself has caught wind of our little blog here and is interested in running, are you starring in an upcoming film about a famous runner? Nurmi perhaps? Dr. Love enjoys being forced to think both logically, as well as on an island. I would have to have the Saucony Hattori to help keep my lower leg muscles, tendons, ligaments and whatnot strong (I think that when I wear those for a longer period of time, on a consistent basis, my arch feels stronger and my mid-foot strike is more natural). I recently started wearing the Brooks Ghost 4 and have been enjoying them, so I would probably throw that in there, and something lightweight in case there are any local 5k’s- I may consider the Saucony Kinvara since that is what I have been using the most recently (I would also consider the Nike Zoom Streak as a possibility because I loved those in college). As far as Gu, I would have Chocolate Outrage and Vanilla Bean if we are only including Gu brand. If we include other brands, I would throw in an Accel Gel, probably chocolate flavor, to get the protein in as well. Lately I have been on a WrightSock Running Sock II craze, so I would wear those (I think they would do well with the sand and the heat and all), and the shorts would have to be Saucony Run Lux, great length for a deserted island running short, and would wash well in the ocean or sea, or any other body of water that may separate me from my native land of AMERICA. Great, spirited question, Mr. Hanks. Thanks!

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