Education Series Continues

Hola Factorianos! Como estas? I wanted to continue with our education here on running shoes, and running in general. This time the education train stops off at Newton Running Co. in order to prepare for the arrival of Danny Abshire later this month! For those who didn’t catch our post a while ago about Newton’s, Newton is a fantastic AMERICAN shoe brand that has been researching the body and natural movement for around 12 years or so now. Newton operates out of its’ headquarters in Boulder, Colorado. Boulder is pretty much one of the running mecca’s of pretty much the entire world right behind El Dorett, Kenya, Mammoth Lakes, CA, and anywhere Sneaker Factorians run!

Newton Running has been at the forefront of the natural running form since they came out on the scene. Danny Abshire and his crew including Ian Adamson, have been promoting proper running form, and how to use their shoes properly. From my personal running career, and those of the athletes I coach, I can say with 100% assurance that proper running form makes your body stronger, healthier, and more injury free. Concentrating on proper form and paying attention to the physical motion of your running will help improve all aspects of running.

Check out this video the guys at Newton put together about proper running, and how to use their shoes properly. Mike Da Boss Conforti is a Newton expert, and has passed his extensive first hand knowledge of Newton shoes with all of his employees, so anyone at any of our stores can help you out deciding if Newton shoes are right for you! Newton likes Da Boss so much they had him come out to Boulder and learn everything there is to know about their shoes, and running form, so he has done a fantastic job preparing all of us Factorian workers on how to utilize their shoes. So if you are interested, stop by and pick our brains a little!

Dr. Love saying- run naturally, run happily, and run like you stole something (but don’t actually steal anything!)!!

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