Why Us?

Yo Factorians! What’s goin’ on? A big question in where to purchase anything really is “Why would I go and buy from that place?” It is a question we, as consumers, ask ourselves all the time, and a very reasonable one at that. Well, we here at Sneaker Factory have been around (at least some of us) selling shoes for decades. Our average years of experience in the running industry is 5+ years and increasing. Dr. Love is on the low side of average with 4.5. We pride ourselves on being professional, well-informed, and generating lasting relationships with those who come into our stores. Continuing my recent fascination with the Letterman Countdowns, here is a copy of one from our web site maybe you have not yet read through:

1 Most experienced and knowledgeable staff

#2 Largest selection

#3 Easy to get to from ANYWHERE

#4 Widest selection of men’s and women’s black running shorts in New Jersey

#5 Come meet Masters XC World Champion Roger Price!

#6 Enough Energy Gels and bars to power an elephant

#7 Gadgets that tell you how hard you’re working and far you’ve gone

#8 We rent triathlon wetsuits!

#9 New Jersey Race Information Headquarters

#10 10% High School and College XC/Track Team Discount

There you have it, Factorians! Top Ten reasons to stop by any one of our three stores and give us a try!

This is Dr. Love saying see you soon Factorians!

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