Dr. Love’s Countdown

Hey there Factorians! So a lot of people are all into these “iPod” things. Personally, I haven’t really caught on with the craze, sure I have an MP3 player, I used it a couple times, not sure if I got my $74.99 out of it,  but I am working on it. Anywho, a lot of people in the last decade or so have gotten into the whole running with their “iPods” and their DiscMan players. Personally, I can not seem to get into it all that much (unless of course I get stuck on the dreadmill, then I’ll play the old Sansa and listen to the tunage).

A few tips for using the music:

– I wouldn’t listen to the music tooooo loud if you are out on the roads. The roads have been known to be a dangerous place, at least ever since the invention of the automobile. As runners, we have to be able to hear traffic, cyclists, unicyclists (they are the dangerous ones), rollerbladers, and other scary things out on the roads. PLEASE just make sure you can hear people and things that could be dangerous to you.

-When you are on the bike, most bike shops would ask that you don’t listen to music. As a cyclist, you are obeying the rules as a driver, so please try to leave the music at home if you are going to be out on the roads.

-Use the music (if you so choose) to help fuel your run, there are a couple suggestions I have compiled in the way David Letterman does, COUNTDOWN STYLE!

10- Run To The Hills, by Iron Maiden. Sure, it’s a little heavy metal for my normal tastes, but the lead singer was a cross country captain, like Dr. Love once was.

9-Elevation, by U2. Gotta love me some good ol’ U2. Woooohooooooo.

8- Dream Police, by Cheap Trick. The dudes sing more than one song, and this is pretty legit.

7- Welcome to Jamrock, by Damien Marley. Bob Marley’s son has himself an interesting voice, and for some reason I dig the song.

6- Sweetness, by Jimmy Eat World. I enjoy going back to my high school days, and Jimmy Eat World does the trick.

5- Stronger, by Kanye West. Sure, he may be a bit of a jerk, but “harder, better, faster, strong” is a great line to get you through a run!

4- The Cave, by Mumford and Sons. The funky folk band made a real gem with this one. It’s slower, but it seems to really get me through.

3- Mind on the Road, by Rev Run. I am a HUGE sucker for a hot old school beat, and Rev Run always supplies them for me. This great song is straight up amazing.

2- Zombie, The Cranberries. once again, sucker for Irish music. Period. But this song also combines my love for The Office, and the song. Perfect!

1- Take a guess what this one is going to be…

There you have it folks, pretty much the greatest list ever! What are some of your favorites? Discuss amongst yourselves!

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  1. Maximus! You are correct. Those things are gold! Many ear buds or head phones cancel out ambient noises to enhance the listening experience. On a dreadmill at the gym when your stalker is trying to talk you into going out with him or her this weekend is the perfect time to cancel out that ambient noise. But when you are dodging squealing squirrels, ligers, and cars is NOT the time to cancel out ambient sound. Exceed headphones do a great job of making the music sound great, and hearing what is around you! Not to mention some of them are “mobile device ready” with a built in microphone for your cellular telephones!

  2. The beauty of listening to music on the run can only be enhanced by using Exceed headphones, which are available at the SF shops, which allow you to listen to our music at any volume while still allowing ambient noise such as approaching vehicles or squealing squirrels to be heard.

    Rock on runners!!!

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