Education Time

Hello there! So glad to see you all again! We here at Sneaker Factory are big on education- we enjoy, and belive that it is necessary to help educate our customers and friends about what it is we do here and we each have our own specialties and things we are more into. Geez-Louise-Geoff is all about instantly knowing how each person’s foot is going to feel in every shoe on the wall, Ben “C’mon Seabiscuit” Massam is all about horses, Not-So-Mean Dean loves telling history of companies, the progression of cushioning materials, lessons on how to catch ligers, and some of the greatest running/runing industry stories any one person could possibly have, Mike “Da Boss” Conforti knows everything about everything and is one of the most informative people I have ever met. Dr. Love, well he just loves giving training tips, talking about form, and using the Chief Kelly Evernham question- “what are you training for next?”

Now everyone is definitly wondering what Dr. Love is getting at, and why is this the longest segue yet? Well, in our eternal search for better and better knowledge to share with our customers, Dr. Love came across this great video from Saucony. Saucony is one of the top selling running companies on the market, and in our stores. A great AMERICAN based company which started out of Pennsylvannia, Saw-ka-knee (as they tell me it is pronounced) has been making a wide, varied, and fantastic line of shoes since I have been in the business. The Saucony Progrid Kinvara 2 came out earlier this year, and having worn  the original Kinvara for my training, and having tried out the update this summer, I can say it is a phenomenal shoe. if you look at the video below created by Saucony on this “” website (it is an amazing site if you have never checked it out before, by the way), discusses what Saucony thinks makes this a great shoe.

If you are looking to become a more efficient runner by achieving a better stride, moving to a shoe like the Kinvara with its 4mm heel drop (heel drop refers to the difference in the height of the toe to the height of the heel, in this case, the heel is 4mm higher off the ground than the toe is) is a great shoe to consider trying on! Check in with any one of our many professional and amazing Sneaker Factorians to find out if this is the right shoe for you, and tell them Dr. Love sent you to say hello! Especially if it’s Dean, I miss Dean.

Dr. Love, saying don’t be a fool, come to Sneaker Factory school!

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