Hello there Factorians! Have you ever felt a lack of motivation to get out and get your workout in? I know I have. Sometimes when the dynamic of your running changes, for instance, leaving a college, high school, or club team for any whatever reason, it is difficult to find yourself the morivation to get out there and rock out your workouts.

Well, as a doctor I am seeking the cure for this. Recently, I have signed up for a race which may very well be above my current level of fitness, the Seaside Half Marathon. Sure, I have ran half’s before, never as good as I would have liked, but I have done training runs longer and faster than my half marathon race times. I have been floundering on my training- lack of motivation, lack of time, concertrating on training my high school team rather than myself… the excuses go on and on. But i really want to step my game up and get into the half-ironman world this coming spring.

So a predicament I am in, and I have a lot of former team mates and friends alike who are in similar boats. So what we have all decided is this: get some races on the calender and FORCE ourselves to run and train. Let our competitive natures kick in and get training! Use the races as training runs that will help springboard our training and get us back to the level we want to be at and hopefully bring us back to being respectable runners! I always  feel more motivated to train when I see that I have a race coming up. And if you can spread out a few races over the course of a couple months and keep the motivation going, your training can take off!

Dr. Love, saying keep the motivation rollin’ Factorians!

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