B*Skinz: B*Amazin’

Hey hey, Factorians! Como estan? So tonight, Maximus hosted los B*Skinz at the Basking Ridge store. A local reporter happened to stumble upon the amazing site that it was and was amazed at what he saw. Women from all over the world (unconfirmed reports have the number of states represented as being 46 out of the 46 states, and 3 out of the 4 commonwealths more commonly mistaken as states, as well as women from 42 countries) clamored to the store in order to see what the latest and greatest from this small Jersey based couple.

What has been eating at me was what was going to be in this magical trunk. As it turns out, my prediction of magical beans to be planted in the ground to sprout a magical stalk up to the sky, as well as a magical shoe that could make Dr. Love somehow finish the Red Bank Fall Classic Tri despite being in terrible shape- neither were in the trunk. Fortunately for the women of the world, the ladies from B*Skinz brought the magic in the form of amazing skorts, dresses, pantalones, and unconfirmed reports of brassieres all with B*Skinz patterns.  Maximus made the mistake of trying to hold back some of these great trunk show demos and ended up with lacerations under his left pectoral muscle at the hands of a real housewife of Atlanta (not one from the show, rather an actual housewife from Atlanta who later apologized for wearing her multi-finger ring to the store, she normally doesn’t do that but forgot to take it off). Later, Maximus would be quoted as saying “B*Skinz are so amazing, even the manliest of men, such as myself, can’t help but marvel at their beauty.” Maximus’ younger brother Padraig was able to get himself a great pair of pink, zebra/elephant striped half tights that somehow match the new beard he sprouted after a freak rogaine spill at his local grocer left him nearly smothered under the miracle hair growth product.

There are many, many more stories that NJ12 and 60 minutes are trying to produce for the weekend, but they are waiting on some more release forms. In my professional (non)medical opinion, I think it was an amazing time for all who were there. I hope that everyone who wanted to be there was able to get there and enjoy everything that B*Skinz had to offer, and always know that we are always bringing in new and exciting product from your local clothing designer!

Keep on runnin’, Factorians! Dr. Love saying- say it loud, say it proud, B*Skinz style!

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