Rain Rain Go Away…

Well hello there Factorians! I am reporting live from my classroom and preparing to go outside for practice and I thought to myself very briefly, OH MAN! It’s raining?! Well initially I was on the path of thinking that that stinks, no one likes rain. But ya know, just like throwing some different exercises into your routine can switch up your training and keep it feeling shiny and new, so too can running in the rain. Ditch the DREADmill, throw on a light jacket and go out and live it up, as the kids say! Enjoy splashing around in short puddles you can see the bottoms of (if you can’t see what’s at the bottom, DON”T because it could be a hazard and hurt yourself)! Kick some water around, have fun and remember what it was like when you were a kid and nothing, not even Mother Nature could keep you locked up inside when you wanted to play!!

This is Dr. Love saying Rain Rain, Come my way!

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