Dr. Love Needs Love

Hello, Factorians. The following is a public service announcement on the part of Dr. Love. Dr. Love loves conversation, so if you see something you would like to talk about here on sneakerfactoryrunning.com feel free to leave a comment and start a conversation! Let’s make this thing fun for all!

Thank you,

Dr. Love

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  1. Dr. Love is a many-layered individual. It is tough to say in this world gone mad what is normally considered abnormal. I suppose you could say the answer is yes- that Dr. Love is an interesting and complex man, but he also has a very serious side, like when it comes to fitting people for proper shoes, coaching people on form, and helping the proletariat fight the good fight and become better.

  2. Do you do this just for fun? Well, I guess what I should say is, are you normally this…abnormal?

  3. That video was Sneaker Factory’s version of “Crossing the Sahara” which was a movie about a group of three men who ran across the Sahara Desert over the course of 110 days or so. While at the Run For Dean’s Knee we had the idea of making our very own movie not unlike the film we had just watched a few days earlier. As far as meeting Dr. Love, he has been around the Long Branch store this summer, and will be around here and there. Dr. Love is hoping to survive the Red Bank Fall Classic, but is not yet decided whether his out of shape body can handle it or not- he does the best he can but has not been able to train at the level he would like to be at right now. Great questions- keep them coming!

  4. What is the story behind this video you posted…something about running across the Sahara Desert at the Manasquan Reservoir? I’m terribly confused…perhaps you could shed some light on this issue for me. Oh, Will we ever have a chance to meet Dr. Love, or are we chasing waterfalls? Can we come cheer for you at any local races?

  5. Without a doubt red is the fastest SINGLE color short for men right now. HOWEVER, the only shorts that would be faster are Monmouth University issued blue Nike shorts with the white piping, or anything USA issued/colored.

  6. What color shorts do you usually wear? I heard red makes you so much faster…is that true?

  7. Socks can most definitely make a difference in your overall comfort as a runner. A regular ol’ cotton sock soaks up moisture the same way an ol’ cotton towel does. The moisture held against your skin can create an equilibrium in the way of a blister. The modern, technical running socks help wick the moisture away from your skin and help prevent blisters and nasty hot spots.
    As far as credentials go, Dr. Love has been working in the industry since 2007, and running since the turn of the century. Dr. Love may be young, but he has taken a deep interest in each and every one of his days working for the stores he has, and believes in the education side of the industry, not just giving someone what they want. That is the Sneaker Factory way, after all. We want every person who comes through our doors to understand more about what we do as runners to help improve their overall experience.

  8. Does it matter what kind of socks I wear? Also, what are your credentials?

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