Fireside Chats with Dr. Love

The following is an interview which was conducted by Brendan McGoldrick (BM), a local Sneaker Factory Factorian who also is a high school coach and middle school teacher. Brendan was able to get a hold of Dr. Love recently and was able to ask the good doctor. Read the transcript of part of the interview.

BM: Dr. Love, everyone one the internet seems to be interested in what you have to say, at least everyone I know… How do you come up with these musings?

D0c- Brendan, I wish I could say that they are all me, that I am able to come up with everything myself, but the truth is I am surrounded by such great people all of the time that they give me lots of ideas. If you have ever spent more than three minutes with Not-So-Mean-Dean Shonts, you too would be inspired the way I am. Not to mention I have spent a collective 703 hours on the phone with Jacobis Maximus while he has been in the Basking Ridge store.

BM- Well, like you I have spent time with Dean, probably about the same amount of time as you have, and he actually inspires me each and every day. What about your team, Team BBV, where did you guys get the motivation to cross that entire course?

Doc- Well, really the brains of the operation was the Brain Trust. As New Brendan put it in our blockbuster film, “Crossing the Sahara,” it started as an idea. We sat around and decided we wanted to do something extraordinary, so we figured we would band together and just cross the thing. We decided that 5.1 miles was exactly where we wanted to be on the day, and the best way to do it was going to be the way we do everything- as a team.

BM- How did it hurt to not have the supply truck after all of that time?

Doc- It definitely hurt us, more on an emotional level. We did not have a satellite phone to reach Joe Jacobs, but as it turns out, he and his awesome kid brother, Jacobis Minimus were doing a similar trip on their Cannondales. They cross the entire world in the same time we crossed the 5.1 mile Sahara.

BM- So have you all worked out the issues?

Doc- Oh, definitely. It took next to no time at all. We were all a little emotional, but none of us wanted it to take away from our accomplishments, or our friendships. We started out as friends, and there was no way we would end any less than that.

BM- You sound like they have really affected you quite deeply and positively.

Doc- They have, they really have. They are great people, I only wish I could be around them all more often.

BM- What everyone wants to know, Doctor, is why Sneaker Factory?

Doc- Why Sneaker Factory? Oh I think that’s an easy one! The Two P’s.

BM- The Two P’s?

Doc- The People and the Process. Two things I believe in quite strongly in. The people that Dean started out assembling, and Mike has gathered in his presence are fantastic and have taught me more than I could have hoped to pick up on my own.

BM- Well put, the process you speak of… What makes you love it so?

Doc- The fact that it works time and time again. Sneaker Factory is one of the original running stores in the entire country, and the first in New Jersey. For over 33 years people have been shopping with the store and with the people who are dedicated to the process. I could not get involved with a business I don’t believe in, and Sneaker Factory is something I believe in.

BM- What about it makes you a believer, besides the fact that it works?

Doc- The education portion of the process. I don’t think that many places offer the customers the type of education the staff at the Factory offer. Geoff, Mike, Dean, Kelly, Joe, Pat, Ben “C’mon Seabiscuit” Massum, Vinnie-In-The-Middle, and everyone else who works there are so informed and care so much about each and every customer that I can’t help but love every minute of this place!

BM- Doc, thanks for your time!

Doc- Brendan, you are so welcome, anything for Sneaker Factory.

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