Curiosity Fit The Cat For A New Pair Of Shoes

Alo, followers of the Factory! So by now I hope that it is clear to all of you that there are few things that I love more than the United States of America. If that has not been obvious, I apologize, please review my post from September 11. Any ways, the reason I bring up my love for the U.S.A. (especially the auto industry and the most powerful car on the road.) is to excuse myself for saying I have always wanted to ride a double decker bus around the streets of London and see what the fuss is all about. Well times are tough and I haven’t been across the Great Pond in the last 25 years so I have had to wait with baited breath for my shot.

Well wouldn’t you know I go into the store a couple weeks back and find out that without having to leave New Jersey or America, I will finally get to get in on the double decker thanks to Brooks! Introducing the BROOKS CAVALCADE OF CURIOSITIES LIVE AT SNEAKER FACTORY LONG BRANCH! That’s right, the Brooks double decker bus full of cooky  shoe museum pieces and rock star curators is coming to a sidewalk near you! More specifically, a sidewalk near us! Starting at 3 o’clock Post Meridian time the guys and girls from Brooks will be taking you on tours of their cavalcade, demonstrating product, as well as offering free gait analysis on their patented Brooks gait analysis machine, and letting all of us try their products out!

Brooks is one of the most innovative running companies today and has been doing fantastic nationwide. The folks with the “Cavalcade” travel around the country visiting only the greatest stores, so the fact that they were willing to stop at one of our stores is a true honor for us at Sneaker Factory. I have not looked at any job postings from Brooks, but judging by what I know of their reps (John Williams…) and marketing directors, I am pretty sure it is a pre-requisite that you simply MUST be a rock star genius in order to work for the company, and the Cavalcade people are sure to be no different. I for one, hope they will take time out from rockin’ and rollin’ and answer some questions from Dr. Love.

But I digress once again. One of the great things they are doing for all of us is SWAG, or as Michael Scott says, Stuff We All Get! The deal is, everyone grabs themselves one of the post cards from Sneaker Factory Long Branch (we have been giving them out for weeks now) with a bar code on it. The Brooks rockers will scan your bar code and you instantly win a prize! Note how I didn’t say you buy a card, or get a card with your purchase- you just straight up get one for free! Now what the prizes are… wouldn’t you like to know?! I would too actually…

These rock stars will be coming out between 3 and 8 down in Long Branch, come out and see something that is truly special, and may blow your mind pretty good too! And while you’re at it, come out for our group run and possibly an appearance from your internet Guru, Dr. Love!

Dr. Love saying, rock on running stars!

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