The B-Skinz are Coming! The B-Skinz are Coming!

Hey there Factorians! Have you seen the greatest new thing to hit the clothing racks are Sneaker Factory stores since the Jacobis’ brothers signed on? They’re called B-Skinz and they are here! All summer B-Skinz have been rocking out and flying off the shelves left and right. Does anyone remember when they invented sliced bread? Remember how amazing THAT was? I sure do. Now imagine that multiplied by about 1.3 billion, and that is how popular the B-Skinz athletic skorts, headbands, and most recently dresses/beach covers have become! Now for the guys out there’s sakes I’ll explain- beach cover ups do not cover the beach, they are dresses to wear on top of a bathing suit.

B-Skinz uses a great synthetic fabric that moves and breathes with you as you exercise, walk around the park or boardwalk or do just about anything you want to do in one! Started here in New Jersey, we at Sneaker Factory believe we are at the foothills of what is soon to be a national phenomena much like the Rocky Mountains have become, going to be huge because they already are amazing! High schoolers (even high school dudes!) are loving the funky patterns that B-Skinz desginers use on their shorts and headbands, and women of all ages absolutely love the cool designs of the skorts and dresses.

Naturally you are wondering why Dr. Love is talking about womens’ fashion. Well, Factorians, everyone at Sneaker Factory is a fashion expert, myself included, but more importantly we happen to be hosting a B-SKINZ TRUNK SHOW! Now the natural next question is what’s a trunk show? The head honcho’s at the “Skinz” will be coming to Sneaker Factory Basking Ridge to demonstrate a trunk full of their latest patterns and awesome clothes! Maximus Jacobis is hosting the lovely ladies and all the lovely female (and male) Sneaker Factorian shoppers at his Basking Ridge hood. Rumor has it from TMZ that Joe will be serving cheese and wine, however these are partially unconfirmed. The Skinz people will be letting us try everything on and anything they don’t have with them, we can get for you! The event is sure to be an amazing event full of joy, laughter, fashion and a little mysticism supplies by Maximus (remember, he is an Ancient History and Revolutionary North Carolina buff, as well as being a physical buff like Hercules). So come on out to the Trunk Show on September 27 in Basking Ridge and see what B-Skinz and Sneaker Factory have to offer YOU! Any questions feel free to call the store at 973-542-1212, or email Maximus at!!

This is Dr. Love saying B-There so you can B-You in B-Skinz!!

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