Want More?

Come Estas, Factorians? Are you looking to get more out of your running but can’t seem to totally get where you want to be? Training has been going well, you’ve got the mileage up, maybe you have been throwing some good weight around in the gym, your squat form is on point and you have been all up on your burpees? But for some reason, you aren’t getting the results you want…

Well, a few things. How have you been sleeping? Your body needs recovery almost as much as it needs exercise! Your muscles recover best when sleeping. Not only that, your fascial tissues need to recover as well, and mixed with myofascial release through either a foam roller, the stick, or your local massage therapist, uninterrupted sleep is one of the most important things you can do for your body. One of the key words in there being, uninterrupted! Not only should you be uninterrupted in your sleep, things like the TV, a radio, one of these new-fangled “iPods” going while you sleep doesn’t allow your brain to totally “shut down.” My good friend, former training partner and former roommate Billy D (currently working on being Dr. Billy D) used to say that brain waves for people sleeping with a light or the TV on fluctuate like a pathological liar taking a polygraph- it’s still going the entire night! Let your brain rest!

Look at a race car- can one of these NASCAR people drive their cars and red-line it all day, start it back up the next day and expect the same performance? Not without some pretty serious recovery and FUEL. If you want to be running like a Ferrari or even a Dodge Stratus (which is the most powerful car on the road), fuel like a Ferrari! If you want to race like a Yugo in a NASCAR race, fuel like a Yugo. By the way, no offense to the Yugo company, they made an economy car for people who needed an economy car! Anyways, I digress again… If you come home from a hard workout or good run and immediately head straight for some pork grinds and cheese puffs, you’re body probably will not recover as well as if you grabbed a nice recovery bar, wash it down with some Enduruox R-4 or Accelerade, and some good fruit/veggies as a desert. Your body needs the proper amount of proteins, carbs, and sugars in order to refill your glycogen storehouses, as well as aide your muscle and facial tissue regeneration. Treat your body like you treat your car!

This is Dr. Love saying be a Dodge Stratus, not a Yugo!

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