What’s up with the spikes?

Hiya there Factorians! So I have worked for a while with these running shoes and a lot of times I get the following question in one way, shape, or form: “Hey yo, Boss, what up with these crazy shoes here? Do they go BOOM?!” Well, no, they don’t go boom, but based on what I’ve seen, they can make New Brendan Wards’ calves go BOOM pretty hard vore!

A competition spike isn’t just a pretty shoe, although they are pretty darn good looking! A competition spike is a light weight shoe with metal spike wells built into the bottom. But why, you ask? Well its a matter of traction. In Cross Country it is especially necessary because often times cross country courses are loose dirt or wet grass which can be slippery and not great for fast running. The competition spike is about as old as organized athletics, but fortunately, thanks to Bill Bowerman’s abuse of his wifes wafflemaker (if you don’t know the story, you clearly haven’t been on a high school cross country team since the movie “WIthout Limits” was filmed!), spikes have come a long long long long way! Todays’ spikes are lighter, more aggressive, and all around better than they ever were. A cross country spike will be made of a softer rubber bottom, as opposed to a track spike which will have a hard plastic bottom.

At Sneaker Factory, we carry a large selection of competition spikes for every season from all the best brands! When I was in high school, I didn’t know what to get, where to get spikes, or what was best. But that is also because I lived no where close to Sneaker Factory and did not know where the best help could be found!! At Sneaker Factory we will help each one of you find the best spike for your needs! Are you a freshmen just starting out, not sure if you want to keep up with running but still want to get something good for a couple seasons? Are you a junior looking to get your times down for potential college suitors? Are you Ben Massum and capable of taking down basically everyone in the world with a simple look, as well as mezmarize others with your knowledge of horse racing? Then we have the spike for you! Any one of our numerous professional Sneaker Factorians can help fit you and get you to your cross country and track and field goals!

Come by any one of our three remaining Spike Nights (or all three) on Monday September 12  in Long Branch, the Jacobins will be hosting you all on Wednesday in Basking Ridge, and Thursday the 15th in the original store, Millburn. All three Spike Nights will begin at 5:30 and end around 8 so grab your teammates and come see us!

Peace out Factorians! Dr. Love signing out!

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