Have you seen this shoe?

Attention Sneaker Factorians- Have you seen this shoe?

Ever see this shoe on one of our shelves, or maybe in Joggers
Runner’s World? Welcome to the Naturalist Era in running! Newton is an American
company operating out of the running mecca that is Boulder, Colorado, and they
have been at the forefront of running science for over twelve years.

Hey Doc- I’ve seen these things, but what’s the deal with
them- they look kinda funk-a-delic…? Yet another great question to be answered!
Well if you take a look at the forefoot of the shoe, and note the orange rubber
sticking out beneath the shoe, therein lays the importance of these shoes.
Catering to those who like science and mechanics, these raised plates are
referred to as ACTUATOR LUGS, and they are here to take over the running world!
The ACTUATOR LUGS are concentrated blocks of cushioning that will promote
proper form when landing on the ground. You see, Factorians, most of us tend to
land on our heels and then roll through the rest of our stride until we ‘toe-off.’
The problem with this modern fad of landing on our heels is that is slows us
down. When we heel strike- all of our bodies momentum (which is a bodies
acceleration multiplied by its weight) is heading directly downwards- see Dr.
Love’s artist rendition in the figures below for stunning visual.

How we land when we heel strike...

The body loses all of its momentum into the ground. And
watch what happens next:

Our feet go flat, and we lose momentum,

At this point, your foot is entirely STOPPED in the middle
of its running motion. Now you may not feel the stoppage, but it is definitely
there. Note the direction of your bodies inertia (the force of a body at rest,
in this case it is the force of gravity, or your bodies weight), and momentum
is directed into the ground. A heel striker is now going to have to PULL
his/her feet up off the ground in order to toe-off for the next stride.

Ok Doc- I can see what you mean now, and by the way, you are
an art genius. But what does a shoe like a Newton do to prevent this? Keep
askin’ questions, and I’ll keep answerin’ them! Check out this next diagram and
look where the momentum of the body-less shoe is headed:

All of the motion of this body is going to be heading forward,
which is kinda what we are going for when it comes to running.  The ACTUATOR LUGS push your body forward when
you land on that ‘sweet spot,’ thus propelling your body forward, making you
faaaaaast! The Newtons come in a few different styles- if you have never been a
forefoot runner, and looking to move into the more efficient and correct
running motion, they have the Sir Isaac for the men, and Lady Isaac for the
women- the Isaacs have more  on the heel
should you revert back to the evil heel strike. When you graduate from
Universitas du Isaac, there is the Motus for you overpronators, and the
Gravitas for you neutral runners, as well as the Distancia for racing.

There you have it, Factorians, your introduction into the
whimsical and whacky world of Newtonian running! Feel free to post any
questions here to the comments section, or come on into one of our stores to
try them on and see for yourself what this is all about!

This is il Medico Amore, saying give Newtonian running a

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