Mea Culpa

Factorians, I present myself for absolution. Unknowingly, I have led you astray, I have not provided the entire truth to you all. Last night, I received a call from the man, the myth, and the all around amazing person Joe Jacobis Maximus Jacobs informed me that not only will he be at the Basking Ridge store for Spike Night on Wednesday September 7th, BUT he will ALSO be there the following Wednesday the 14th for ANOTHER! Spike night! The first of the two events will be sponsored by Brooks, and the second week will be brought to you by Saucony.

That’s not it though! Not only will there be one Spike Night with Padraig Jacobis Minimus Jacobs at Millburn, there will be TWO Spike Nights at Millburn with Padraig! September 8th and 15th will be taking place at the Millburn store. Crazy! I know, right?

Now, if those two things were not bad enough, there is more. I was just informed that our Spike Nights at Basking Ridge will not only feature Jacobis Maximus, your local Greek Adonis, it will ALSO FEATURE PADRAIG! That’s right Factorians, BOTH of the Jacobi will be there at Sneaker Factory Basking Ridge, an unprecedented combination of the Jacobi converging on the store! So come on out on these days to either store, or in Long Branch on the 12th and meet your favorite Factory workers!

-Dr. Love

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