Spike Night

Aloha, Sneaker Factorians.  It’s that time of the year again, time for cross country running and cross country teams. Days are getting shorter, leaves are saying their final goodbyes, changing colors and getting raked. At the same time, middle school, high school, and college cross country runners are gearing up for their favorite season. We here at Sneaker Factory like to do everything we can to get our junior athletes running some crazy PR’s.

Enter, Spike Night. Sneaker Factory hosted the very first of its Fall 2011 Spike Nights when Red Bank Regional High School Bucs Cross Country team came to our Long Branch store for some pizza, shoes, and spikey fun! 25 of the Shore’s best and brightest came in with their parents and their coach (who is a truly amazing person, and quite handsome might I add…) to gain a little knowledge from Mike, Kelly, Vinnie In The Middle, and Coach/Sneaker Factorian McGoldrick. By all accounts, the student-athletes had a fantastic time bonding together and checking out the new store.

But Dr. Love, that’s all well and good for that team, but how does that affect me? Once again, a great question! This was only one of the Spike Nights we are having at Sneaker Factory stores! Sneaker Factorian Leader Extraordinaire, and one of the stars of “Crossing the Sahara,” Joe Jacobis Maximus Jacobs will be hosting local athletes at Basking Ridge on September 7th between 5:30 and 8:00 Post Meridian. Can’t make it over to Basking Ridge to see Joe Jacobs but still want to see one of the famed Jacobi? No problem! We always make sure that we have one member of this amazing American family around! Padraig Jacobis Minimus Jacobs and the Millburn crew will be hosting another Spike Night on September 8th, also between 5:30 and 8:00 Post Meridian. If we are all lucky, maybe, just maybe, we will get to see horse enthusiast Ben Seabiscuit Massum- another true American.  Oh, you are a Shore Conference athlete and Millburn is a little far? Gotcha! Kelly, or as I like to call her, Chief is having ANOTHER Spike Night on September 12th in Pier Village starting at 5:30.

So high schoolers, come on out to one of our Spike Nights, bring some teammates, learn a thing or two about spikes, running shoes and how they will help you be at your best!

This is Dr. Love, saying I hope to see you out at Spike Night!

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