World Championships

Dia Duit, Sneaker Factorians! As a runner for over a decade by now, one of my greatest wishes is that my sport would become more popular. Well, thanks to Universal Sports Channel, we have some pretty decent coverage of the monumental event that is going on! For the past few days, and next few days the International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) is holding the World Championships of Track and Field, or as our friends across the pond in England would call it- Athletics, in Daegu, South Korea. While it pains me to know that my favorite countrymen and countrywomen  If you have not gotten the opportunity to check out the coverage, I would recommend looking up Universal Sports web page and finding when they are airing their broadcasts in your area.  Movie star and Sneaker Factorian Salesmen Vinnie In-The-Middle Petracco gave me the sweet heads up that you can actually buy an all-access Universal online pass to see full coverage of every event in the meet.

Often times when ESPN or another media outlet covers a meet, we get about an hour, maybe an  hour and a half if we are lucky. And more often than not we see only a few of the events of the day- the 100m, 200m, 400m, some of the 1500, the last lap of the 5k, and one or two of the winning throws. How many slow moving poker tournaments do we get to see? I’m all for Chris Moneymaker starting in his garage and making millions, but I don’t really see the sport in that. What is more sporting than watching a man or a woman toe the line in a major championship and giving every last bit of themselves to beat their competitors? To me, as a competitor, a coach, and someone who works in the running industry I can’t help but be upset with the fact that I get to watch Chris Solinski (American 10k record holder and all around running adonis- the  Greek kind, not the Sheen kind) for a whopping 57secs. at the end of his race.

Hey, Doc, what are you getting at? Well, Factorians, I guess what I am trying to say is let’s seize the opportunity to watch our best , strongest, and fastest athletes compete to bring home the medals for us here in the States. We have some of the greatest runners and throwers and jumpers in the world, let’s show how much we all LOVE America by loving our athletes!

Dr. Love, saying hey! Support your Sport!

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  1. All I have to say is Jen Barringer Simpson

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