…Just ruuuuning in the rain! What a glorious feeling…

Well Factorians, if you look out your windows you can tell it is not exactly “safe running” weather. Now, Dr. Love may have spent almost 40 minutes out during the proverbial calm before the storm. A general running/exercise rule of thumb for outside is if there is lightening outside you shouldn’t be! And if there is thunder, often times there could be lightening in the atmosphere somewheres. And thanks to Irene (who right now, no one likes!) the wind is so ridiculous, it is apparently pretty dangerous out.

Yeah, Doc, we know- we hear the wind, we see the rain and every broadcast station won’t stop talking about Irene! So what do you expect us to do? Good question, Factorians, you always have the right questions! Can’t get your run in guys and girls? Who needs outdoors?! Here is a few things you can do in the comfort of your own home to get a great workout in:

1) “AMRAP” Bodyweight Strength Workout. “AMRAP stands for As Many Reps As Possible. My buddy, exercise genius, and former coach, Rich Airey over at http://www.runningwod.wordpress.com turned me on to this when we were coaching together last Fall. Take three exercises, I like to do five “burpees,” 10 air squats and 15 jumping jacks and do as many of these as possible in a given amount of time= 10-20 minutes depending on the day.

2) Bike Trainer- A lot of people have themselves a bike, but not many have a trainer! I use a Magnetic Trainer, or Mag for short. Rainy day, feel like watching a movie, but also want to exercise? Mag Time! A trainer, or rollers can be a great way to move your legs, build strength, and work your aerobic muscles too! And if you are like me you get yourself some wireless headphones to hook up to your DVD, TV, or Blue Ray player and spin away!

3) “Dread”mill. It’s not my favorite way to exercise but it’s runnin’. Want to spice up your treadmill run tho? Well, let’s consult Coach Airey… TABATA sprints is a workout Rich showed me where you sprint for 20 seconds, complete stop for 20 seconds and repeat. The key to doing this workout- keeping the treadmill going while on your 10sec rest and jumping your feet onto the side. If you aren’t confident you can do this safely, keep the speed lower and safer!

4) Box Jumps- grab yourself a jump box, or make one on your own, and JUMP! Another great runningwod that will help jump your heart rate up and give you a short but intense workout!

There you have it, Factorians! Your hurricane-proof workout suggestions from Dr. Love! Make sure to do eachen mr of these workouts safely- give yourself good space, make sure you are in shape enough to get these strength exercises in without hurting yourself and more importantly- weather the storm and BE SAFE!

Stay dry Sneaker Factorians!

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