Dr. Love Got His Doctorate In Financial Philosophy

Konnichiha Samurai Factorians! Dr. Love has taken more than one turn on the turnip truck. But, believe it or not, I haven’t always been what the financiers would call “an informed (running) consumer.” At one time, Dr. Love was simply Young Love, and Young Love did not know up from down when it came to shoes. I was a $39.99 special guy. “A what guy? Dr. Love, WHAT are you talking about?!” That’s right, a $39.99 special guy- a term I coined for buying one pair of shoes every August before cross country season starts and having that been my shoe for the year. Now an informed consumer may think- why is it that this shoe I just bought last year, is STILL on sale a year later? The Bob’s Department Store ad seems to advertise that shoe as being “On Sale” every Sunday when I get home from church… I also couldn’t figure out why either my feet or my knees or my back always hurt.

Well, Factorians, I can honestly say I have figured it out! I was being pennywise and pound foolish! I was saving my money on shoes by spending a crazy amount of time in pain! Now for a 14 year old kid like myself, I was able to avoid being in the doctor’s office every week with some new problem. I was resilient in my younger days, now- not as much. Once I got to my college career in my worthless shoes, I tore my shins to shreds! And why, why Dr. Love?! I know, I know, it was silly of me, but I didn’t have anyone to tell me what I should be buying! Finally, some teammates, my coach, and athletic training staff helped me figure out what I needed out of my footwear. I was told that I was not making enough of an investment not only in my shoes, but in my body and my career. Would I buy a 1974 Yugo and expect it to run like a 2003 Dodge Stratus SXT? No, because a Yugo is not made equal to a Stratus SXT (which is the most powerful car on the road, by the way). Just like the New Balance MR422 is not made with the same quality as the MR860, or the Asics 2100 was back in 2004.

You can save money up front by purchasing a cheaper made shoe, a $39.99 special if you will, and maybe you will get 150 miles out of it, but what happens if you have a pain in your shin, or your knee and have to go see the doctor? Now you are adding in your co-pay ($35-$50) to see your primary care doctor, maybe again for a specialist… It’s starting to add up against that $39.99 special isn’t it? The point is, be pound smart- learn from Young Love’s mistakes. A good, quality, technical running shoe like the full lines of shoes we carry at Sneaker Factory were created to keep your body in alignment, and keep you running healthy, and as Brooks Running Company would say, “Run Happy.”

Run Happy and Healthy Sneaker Samurai’s! And keep learning from SneakerFactoryRunning!

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