Blister Much?

Buon Giorno Sneaker Factorians! Ever get blisties? This time of the year, with the exceptional heat and humidity, we are all more prone to blistering and getting ‘hot spots.’ Not a fun business. But next time you get a blister, check two things- first, your socks, then, your shoes. Both can be easy and relatively inexpensive fixes. For years, I used traditional cotton socks when I ran. Now I know, I know what you are all thinking- “Dr. Love, you are a guru, a GURU! How could you have made a mistake like that?” Well, Factorians, I would respond with this: Ever hear of Windsor, Connecticut? (presumably the answer is no) Well it is not exactly known as a running mecca, and it was not a place for me to learn about technical aspects of running. It was not until I stumbled upon some phenomenal WrightSocks did my eyes open.

Traditional socks made of cotton are made of the same material a traditional towel are made of! COTTON! And what do we use towels for? ABSORBING moisture. There is an interesting thing about H20 they mention in 9th grade biology class- it likes to form this thing called equilibrium. What does this all mean for socks? It means that  if you wear a sock made of cotton, your sweat is being held against within your sock pressed up against your skin. Your skin, being intelligent and alive wants to create an equilibrium between the excess moisture on your sock, and the lack of moisture inside your skin. So to counteract this moisture problem, we carry socks made of what I like to call ‘technical’ fabrics. These technical socks aren’t your grand daddy’s sweat sock. They are made of synthetic blends which transfer and wick moisture AWAY from your skin rather than hold it against your defenseless skin. WrightSock, FEETURES, FEETURES Light, Balega, Brooks, and Saucony all make some amazing socks which will help reduce the likelihood of blisters! And ladies and gentlemen- THAT’S where blisters come from! Sometimes….

But not always. If you get a blister while wearing good, wholesome socks- check your shoes. If you buy your shoes too short you can create an opportunity for a blister. At Sneaker Factory, we like to check the shoes on your feet. This allows us to see where your foot falls within the shoe. We like to make sure that you have about half a thumbnail to a thumbnails length between your toes and the front of the shoe. When a customer allows us to fully fit him or her with the shoes, it allows us to ensure that the proper fit is reached for each customer, because that is what we do best, and have been doing since 1978, and we want to keep fitting each of you with the personal attention you have come to expect, and we think you deserve!

-Dr. Love


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