Team BBV Crosses “The Sahara”

Hola Los Sneaker Factorians! By now the whole world is pretty up to date with the Run With Deans New Knee and how amazing that event was- the joy, the tears, and the laughter. IMMENSE laughter to be more specific. But are you aware of the second most impressive journey of the day? Team BBV (Brendan Brendan Vinnie), made up of the Brendans- both Old and New- and Vinnie In The Middle Detracco Petracco teamed up to cross the Sahara, together, as a team. Did Vinnie In the Middle want to quit when the going got tough? Sure. But did BBV stick together? Well, you betcha! This self-inflicted, self-imposed, selfless video is an inside look at one teams emotional journey. This feel good story is sure to inspire greatness.

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  1. Vinnie is looking a little ragged – glad he made it! Get that boy some Endurox!

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